My Bucket List

A bucket list isn’t meant to be completely realistic. Make it wild, free, and full of every aspiration you’ve ever had. A bucket list is meant for dreams you wouldn’t mind becoming a reality. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching, go ahead and put ink to paper or click away at a computer because sometimes seeing what you wish to accomplish, gives you the fuel and inspiration to make it happen!

Life is full of unknown adventures that later on become distant memories. The crinkles and wrinkles and scars that litter our bodies become the only reminder to never forget and always live, not just breathe and float on by. These are the adventures I plan to embark on the goals I cant wait to accomplish, the memories that will never be forgotten—welcome to my bucket list!


  1. To be happy always
  2. To run a marathon
  3. To volunteer in Africa
  4. To own my own Café/Bookstore
  5. To start my own magazine
  6. To work for Seventeen Magazine
  7. To intern for Seventeen Magazine
  8. To have kids
  9. To adopt a child
  10. To explore the unexpected
  11. To learn something new
  12. To go to a Broadway show
  13. To record every day of my life for a year
  14.  To start a blog
  15. To let go of a floating lantern
  16. To change someone’s life
  17. To build a blanket fort with someone I love
  18. Graduate College
  19. Watch a meteor shower
  20. Donate my hair
  21. Tie messages to balloons and let them go
  22. Have a bonfire
  23. Learn to play the guitar
  24. Learn to play the piano
  25. To ride a Vespa
  26. To Stop being so afraid and to start living instead
  27. To take my parents on the vacation of their dreams
  28. To study abroad
  29. To have a paint fight
  30. To go on a color run
  31. To write something in wet cement
  32. To crave something into a tree
  33. To become someone’s inspiration
  34. Give people a reason to remember my name
  35. Bake every single thing in a cookbook
  36. To conquer my fears
  37. To leave an inspirational note in a library book for someone to find
  38. To complete a Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith
  39. To take a photograph of every day for a year
  40. To write myself a letter to open in 10 years
  41. Attend The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  42. To learn how to swim
  43. To witness a miracle
  44. To do something I never thought I would
  45. To throw someone a surprise party
  46. To own a polaroid camera
  47. To adopt a pet
  48. To fall in love
  49. Go to a drive in movie
  50. To take a cooking class
  51. To go apple picking
  52. Sing a karaoke duet
  53. To write my own wedding vows
  54. To create a family tree
  55. Donate toys during the holiday season
  56. Volunteer at a hospital regularly
  57. List 10 things I’m grateful for everyday for a month
  58. Pay a bridge toll for the person behind me
  59. Put change into someone’s expired meter
  60. To be a mentor
  61. To plant a tree
  62. To build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  63. To meditate
  64. To try yoga
  65. To send a care package to a solider
  66. To write a book
  67. To create a scrapbook
  68. To create a photo journal
  69. To master a new language
  70. To know 7 languages by the time I die
  71. To learn sign language
  72. To learn CPR
  73. Take an IQ test
  74. Try acupuncture
  75.  Have my palm read
  76. Take a mud bath
  77. To try a new food
  78. To participate in a food fight
  79. To attend a pottery class
  80. Set a Guinness Book of World Record
  81. Go to a Blues Bar
  82. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
  83. Send a message in a bottle
  84. Learn how to whistle
  85. Build a house of cards
  86.  Get straight A’s
  87. Make a rainbow rose
  88. Work as a writer
  89. To have my photographs published
  90. To become a teacher
  91. To see a Cirque de Soleil show
  92. To “unplug” for 48 hours
  93. To just sit and watch the sunset
  94. Volunteer for a charity in a different country
  95. Have a picnic in Central Park, New York
  96. To make a wish on a rose and throw it out to sea
  97.  Starting the new year off with an empty jar and filling it with notes of all the good things that happen as they do. On new years eve, emptying it and seeing all the amazing things that occurred.
  98. To do something for the first time again
  99. Work with the Peace Crop


  1. To go skydiving
  2. To go bungee jumping
  3. To ride an elephant
  4. To road trip with my friends
  5.  To be a part of a flash mob
  6. To ride a gondola
  7. To go to a hot air balloon festival
  8. To ride a hot air balloon
  9. To hold a snake
  10. To hold a spider
  11. To play in a human hamster ball
  12. To scuba dive
  13. To set foot on all 7 continents
  14. To stand with on foot on one side of the equator and one on the other side.
  15.  To get a sun tattoo
  16.  To try kickboxing
  17. To learn how to surf
  18. To learn how to belly dance
  19. To attempt snowboarding
  20. To go to the Coachella Music Festival
  21. To participate in a zombie run
  22. To go rock climbing
  23. Learn how to do a back flip
  24. Do a flip on a trampoline
  25.  Go zip lining
  26. To witness a solar eclipse
  27. Look inside of a volcano
  28. Stand behind a waterfall
  29. To fly on a trapeze
  30. Go to a renaissance festival
  31. To attend a masquerade
  32. Walk on Stilts
  33. To ride a camel
  34. To explore in a submarine
  35. Climb in an indoor rock wall
  36. Learn to fence
  37. Learn to do a spilt
  38. Ride a cable car
  39. Go horseback riding
  40. Walk on a glacier
  41. Go on a Rickshaw Run
  42. Experience zero gravity
  43. Say yes to everything for a whole day
  44. Ride in a helicopter
  45. Learn Archery
  46. Go to a city I’ve never heard of before
  47. Drive a Quad around an island 


  1. To go to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris
  2. To visit the Taj Mahal
  3. To attend Diwali: Festival of Lights in India
  4. To visit the Louvre Museum in Paris
  5. To throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
  6. To go to the top of the Eiffel tower
  7. To make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome
  8. Go to Times Square for New Years
  9. To explore Greece
  10. To visit Switzerland
  11. To climb the steps of the Mayan ruins
  12. To visit every major city in the United States
  13. To ride the London eye
  14. To live in London
  15. To visit the great wall of China
  16. To visit the four corners of the United States
  17. To go to Spain
  18. To go to Germany
  19. To visit the seven natural wonders of the world
  20. To attend a luau
  21. To explore Hawaii
  22. To experience New Years in Paris
  23. To attend the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival in Iceland
  24. To explore Dubai
  25. To visit a castle in Europe
  26. To visit a butterfly sanctuary
  27. Explore a rain forest
  28. Go on a safari
  29. To attend a wine tasting in Italy
  30. To visit a Buddhist Temple
  31. Go to Rio Carnival
  32. See the Northern Lights
  33. To go to Amsterdam 
  34. Explore the Amalfi Coast
  35. Experience Bastille Day in Paris

4 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. I can’t tell you how many things from your bucket list overlap with mine! I hope you don’t just attend an Ellen show, but are on it as a guest. I could use more optimistic friends 🙂

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