Motivational Monday: When We Arrive

when we arriveI’m a planner by nature. I color code my agenda and I have every minute of my day detailed out to a T, in order to get as much as I possibly can accomplished. Yet, as I run from one activity to the other, trying to squeeze hours out  of minutes, I realized that no matter what we do we can’t plan out everything. We can prepare ourselves as much as we want and write out every detail of everyday but until that day arrives, we are just laying out a rough draft not the final product. See if there is one thing I’ve learned this year, it has been that no one knows exactly where in life they are headed until they arrive. Things happen, obstacles appear and suddenly everything that was once crystal clear– isn’t. That’s not a sign to panic or worry, rather it’s a sign to prepare to learn and grow. Life doesn’t come with a manual for a reason so why do we attempt to create one? We can’t predict the future and we can’t determine how everything will work out. That was never and should never become our goal. Our goal should be to find happiness and be useful. To give back more then we receive and make this world we live in a bit better because we lived in it. It’s good to plan and prepare for our futures but we can’t allow our plans to stop us from living. A routined schedule is merely surviving. Everyday is another opportunity to do all the things we’ve always wanted. Our lives are our message and though we might not be sure what direction we’re heading in that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the journey because in the end that’s all we truly have.

Be Bold Be Brave Be-YOU-tiful


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