Morning Musings

an ordeal or an adventure
Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a rut. Trying to figure out what to do and where to go now that every day isn’t planned out to a T and I have time on my hands to do as I please and it got me thinking.

Life is a puzzle, jumbled and stitched together in an order of disarray meant for us to uncover. It’s a mystery cloaked in experience that leaves us all wanting, aiming to discover the wonders that lie within. Although the glitz and glam of knowing all the answers sounds appealing, it strips away the joys of personal growth and accomplishment. It’s hard to figure things out as we go especially when we take the time to plan everything out to a T and nothing seems to be following the path we’ve set. In those moments of frustration and confusion is when attitude becomes key.

These past seven weeks have been a puzzle within themselves that have taught me a great deal of not only the world around me but myself in general. Most importantly, it highlighted just how much a positive attitude can accomplish and change a less then stellar situation. Now, I’m an optimist by nature but when nothing goes according to plan even I need some reminding that the world is still spinning, I’m breathing and eventually everything will be okay. It’s daunting to face the unknown without a clue as to what to expect but the second we begin to develop expectations we just set a million different limitations. Life is meant to surprise us constantly, keep us on our toes and make us realize that everything happens for a reason even if we’re left wondering what the joke is the moment it occurs. Eventually, we will understand it and laugh.

No matter how many flaws this world has, the answers to all its problems begin and end with us. So make a point of making a difference and spreading positive energy and light. A candle loses nothing when it lights another candle but together they can illuminate a room.

Be Bold Be Brave Be-YOU-tiful

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