Motivational Monday

Should dance


Our lives are made up of moments and instances that don’t go according to plan. Things change in the flutter of an eyelash and shift from one second to another, leaving everything turned upside down. Yet, the most growth we’ll experience in life are within those split seconds when we don’t what will happen and what is happening. The way we react and speak of those blurbs of time highlight different sides of our character and leaves us crushed and created waiting for the next time around when we are remolded and made. See this world is constantly spinning and no matter where we go or what we do, we’ll always have to deal with time and it’s unexpected nature. Life doesn’t go on pause no matter how much we wish it did and there is no rewind button that allows us to relive moments. We can only crystalize them in photographs and videos that try there hardest to capture the essence of a minute. Allow yourself to enjoy every minute of everyday. It makes this life a lot more interesting when we decide to see what happens instead of struggling to plan out the details for events and circumstances that might never occur. Breathe and live. Don’t worry about the little things, as long as you have a  map of where you want to end up, just pick a direction and start moving towards it. Our lives might not be the way we imagined them to be but no one ever said it would be. It’s up to us to make that image a reality.


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