Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

It’s good to set goals and strive to accomplish our dreams everyday. Yet, we must remember that our lives aren’t meant to go according to plan. That doesn’t mean what we want, won’t happen but it makes us realize that there is no path heading directly to whatever we want. No highway or backstreets, we can take but rather dirt roads we have to pave into the path we’ve chosen to set. Our lives are meant to be lived not planned down to the minute, bypassing the growth in stumbling and finding our way along. When all we do is focus on what we haven’t accomplished yet, we miss all the greatness around us. Everyday, we have a reason to smile, something to be thankful for yet we focus on what we haven’t done and what we don’t have instead and become bitter and angry. Nothing goes according to plan, nothing happens the way we want it to all the time but sometimes, it turns out better than expected. It surprises us with opportunities and possibilities we never imagined. Stop focusing on what you believe should happen and let things be, they might paint a better picture than the one you imagined.


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