3 Little Words

expresses prioritiesPeople are funny creatures. We tend to go through life collecting things—be it money, shoes, or the latest gadgets and gizmos and rarely do we put in an effort into collecting memories. We wrap ourselves in material hugs as if things will last forever but even that notion isn’t true. A heel can break and a computer screen can crack and all we’re left with are those around us and ourselves. Yet, we fill our lives with things that will never last and build walls around ourselves that keep others out and us in, not allowing for either to fully get to know one another.

See, if I asked you ‘what do you love?’ I’m sure you could go on and on about the shows you love to watch and the things you love to do, see, and explore. You could name all the people in your life that have made an impact, that have changed you for better or worse, but how long do you think you would go on and on for before you said ‘I love myself. ‘

Isn’t it funny, the way we can carelessly throw around the word love and never fully understand it’s meaning. Love is about acceptance, kindness, encouragement, and care and never should it be based on others. Love stems from within and can only be based off our own state of being. These days, people tend to ‘love’ on conditional terms. They say ‘I love you’ but what goes unsaid is ‘for right now’ and it should never be that way. Friend to foe or lover to stranger, our love shouldn’t be based on what we get in return. do haveThat’s like giving a gift and waiting to be handed a check with the amount we spent but still we do it anyways.

‘I love myself.’ 3 little words that often get overlooked and kicked into a corner of our minds. We stumble on through life, living a reflection of the love we think we deserve. We don’t give ourselves enough credit and tend to write off most of our talents and consider ourselves average on a scale that only exist within our minds. It’s easy to feel like we aren’t worth it, like we are becoming cocky and conceited for thinking about ourselves but that isn’t what loving oneself is about. It’s when we accept all our imperfections no matter how much we sometimes hate them. It is realizing we are amazing and although we might not succeed every time that doesn’t make us a failure—it makes us human.

‘I love myself.’ 3 little words that can open doors and make us realize just how incredible this world can be. Each one of us is just a mirror reflecting the universe back at it. Allow yourself to shine, to do beautiful amazing things because although life might be a whirlwind of extremes it is always one of kind and astounding. We live in a world of blushing ambition, in which most of the younger generations don’t know how to aspire for greatness and instead aspire to be like another. Don’t fall into the cycle, dream and dream as big as possible because once you’ve thought it, all you have left to do is to make it happen. Good luck, I know you’ve got this!


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