Motivational Monday

Motivation Monday

Words have the power to build bridges or burn them in seconds. They can cut deeper than a knife and stitch up a person quicker than a needle. Yet, most overlook just how much a single word can do. See, if the words we spoke appeared on our skin the world would have no smile to hide behind. Take a minute and realize, all the things you say. You’re most used, paint a picture of the person that you are. If you don’t like it, change it but it has to start with you. Everyone wants a world full of peace and tranquility. Everyone wants a better life for themselves and those they care for but no one changes what they do. This world is ours and it becomes what we make of it. If we never raise a finger to be the best possible versions of ourselves, how can we expect that of others? Expectations become limitations and we hold people to a certain standard they never aim to surpass and just barely meet instead. Let them surprise you. Focus on yourself and all the wonders you can create. When we stop nit picking at those around us and instead aim to do our best, the best things tend to happen. Aim to be beautiful for not only how look but for what you do and say instead. Anyone can look well put together and attractive with a bit of effort, but it takes a beautiful soul to make you stunning. Let your soul shine.


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