Motivational Monday: Change

Motivational Monday: Change

Some people are creatures of habit and stick to what they know, personally I’m a creature of change and after awhile I crave a different setting and somewhere new to explore. That being said today’s Motivational Monday is little different! It’s all about change because change is occurring and instead of leaving you in the dark, I wanted to give you a quick update!
          •First off, I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to travel this summer! I’ll be exploring about 8 different European countries and 11 cities and to record the adventure and hopefully provide helpful tips to other aspiring travelers I have started a new tab under the beauty menu above titled exploring. There I’ll be posting everything from the different foods to the different sights and all my inner musings in between. If you have anything in specific you’d like to see comment below, I’d love to here it!
                • Recently, I’ve started to focus on getting healthier and fitter overall so I’ve also decided to incorporate a health and fitness lifestyle bit into my blog and that can be found under the ‘we tend to overlook’ tab. Here I’ll have everything from quick, easy and on go treats to fitness motivation and tips.
                • Quote of the days are a huge part of my blog and I promise they aren’t going to end but they’ve taken over lately and I haven’t posted much of my other content so one of my goals from this point on is to post more of my photography, more daily musings and even a bit more poetry.
I never thought blogging would become such a huge part of my life but I wouldn’t change that. Thank you all for coming on this journey with me. There so much more to my life then the quotes that inspire me and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Now since I will be traveling, my post schedule will be a bit different. Instead of a quote of the day, my motivational Monday will become a quote of the week. I will have travel bits and some photography up throughout the week and will try to have a health and fitness post up every Saturday.
This summer is going to be an adventure, one that has me anxious, nervous and bursting with excitement so here we go. Remember, Life is a cube of sugar, it crumbles easily but we should never fear tasting it!


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