No matter what corner of the world we come from, we are all the same. We might have different ideals and beliefs but fundamentally we all want the same things. We want to be happy, we want to provide for ourselves and those we care for, we want to survive and live a better life than that of yesterday. When we decide to look at the world as a whole instead of different parts, we learn that’s we have a lot more in common than we originally thought. We look different, we act differently, and speak in different languages but that doesn’t mean we can’t get along. A smile means the same thing in any country and sharing a laugh with a stranger can bond two people quicker than years spent together. Our lives are all interwoven and connected. Everyday we pass by people we might never see again but those footprints we leave behind can hold a bigger impact than we are aware of. A smile can make someone’s day and a passing compliment can change the way someone felt. This world is ours and the only way it will change, is if we decide to change ourselves too.


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