Move On

Move On

It’s easier said than done but life doesn’t wait around for anyone. We are pushed through obstacles and situations that hit us hard and sometimes makes us fall apart. Yet, breaking is just another chance to build ourselves back up stronger and better than before. No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of stress and anxiety will change the future. We can only control this given moment, this right now that we all have a fighting chance at. Yet, sometimes we convince ourselves that the impossible task of fixing a day that has already passed is still possible when it’s not. We can’t control time, we can’t freeze it or pocket it for another day. It happens and ticks away, leaving us to play tag and catch up. Don’t let it pass you on by, catch it and move with it. We all have things we wished played out differently but when all we do is focus on what has already happened, our lives become a mixture of ‘what ifs?’ and ‘I wish’ as oppose to ‘I did’ and ‘I will’ which in comparison will always be stronger. Breathe, move on, and make your life happen don’t wait for it to fall into place around you because it never will.


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