Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Success is fickle. It appears and disappears constantly, turning our worlds upside down as it goes. Yet, only because success isn’t instant and forever, doesn’t mean it won’t occur. When we get caught up in measuring ourselves in the amount of time it takes to break into the world we hope for, we lose a bit of the magic found in the dream in the first place. Our lives are what we make of it. What we choose to value and what we decide to chase after. Things change and circumstances never stay the same, so how can we expect our successes to look like those of others. Our dreams are our own and although someone else might share it that doesn’t mean you’ll share the same path to it. We all make different choices everyday that intertwine our lives with strangers that become friends and unweave others that become strangers. It’s a cycle that’ll never end and it reminds us that the beauty of what we love should be what we do. So gather up all those scatter dreams that you’ve left forgotten when you settled and decide to settle for nothing else but what you’ve always wanted.


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