Nothing is Permanent

Nothing is Permanent

We live in a world of no-thingness. It’s a notion I’ve talked about before and one that always reappears in my mind as I go from day to day, focusing on getting everything done. We don’t live in a world of nothingness, for it is full of people, animals and things yet it is one in which no thing last forever. No matter what we do or what we cling to, our time here is numbered just like everything else around us. Even a tree falls at some point– be it through a storm or the ever-changing environment around it. This notion pushes me to savor every second I’ve been granted. I’m not saying I live a life that is stress and problem free for that is merely a fantasy but I’ve learned to tumble with the changing current of the ocean. To embrace change and allow it to turn my life upside and figure out a new direction to move toward. I’ve realized that while happiness might not last forever neither does sadness. These lessons are what prepare me to move forward and believe that there is something amazing waiting at the turn of every corner. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily fights and verbal strifes of everyday life but when we break away from the pattern and choose instead to focus on what’s going right, the world becomes brighter. See this world is full of light but it is up to us to spread it. To become the mirror and reflect it. Everyone wants to see a change but not many are bold enough to step up and do it.


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