Notice the Now

Notice the Now

Stop. Step back and breathe. Take a moment to notice the world around you, the chatter of the birds or the patter of the raindrops. Realize how it incredible it is. Now, take a step forward and become a part of it. Stop living in the past, be it 5 seconds ago or 5 years ago and notice the now. So much happens in our daily lives that we tend to forget and overlook because we’re too busy stuck on the flaws of our realities to notice. Things happen, not everything works the way we want them too. Our lives will never go according to plan, that’s physically impossible but that doesn’t mean our lives can’t be wonderful. One of our biggest mistakes is when we clutch to moments that are meant to be memories and prepare for others that haven’t even happened yet. Planning and commemorating are two valuable skills to have but when we get so caught up in them that we no longer see what is in front of us, that’s when we lose out on everything. What will be, will be and what has happened can’t be changed. Yet, we are given a chance everyday to do something that will move us forward,  use it. Don’t let it slip on by because this life isn’t a rehearsal– it’s a chance we’ve been gifted, make it worthwhile.


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