Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

It’s so easy to do what everyone else is doing. No confrontation comes tied to it. Yet, when we squeeze ourselves into the molds of others we lose bits of who we are meant to be. We let others steal our sparkle and instead become left behind bits of glitter. Diamonds are made under pressure and although standing on our own is terrifying, it is much more satisfying. Our ideas are meant to be shared and spread and whether they are rejected or not, those are the moments in which we begin to develop and grow. I was once asked ‘if the world was so wonderful, why did terrible things happen?’ and the only thing I could think to respond was for us to change them. This world is a reflection of what we put into it and if we don’t like something it is up to us to change it. So many people disregard doing something small for they think it will have no affect but the truth is if we all did one act of kindness and the people we touched did another, the ripples of one act could echo for years to come. Do something because it is the right thing to do not just to look cool and fit in. That is a one way pass away from happiness.


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