A New Day


It’s easier to brush off the opportunity than it is to try, fall apart and fail. Yet, brushing it off usually leads to ‘what if?’ scenarios. We pretend as if each day is the same as the last because the routine we’ve developed is left unfazed but that’s not true. Everyday is different and better than the one before. It all depends on how we look at it. If we write it on our hearts that everyday is the best day, it will be. See if there’s something I was always told as I was growing up it was that all the water in the world no matter how hard it tries can’t sink the smallest ship unless it gets inside. This applies to life in general. We have a gold mine within us waiting to be discovered but when we hold ourselves back from looking and uncovering each wonder, we get trapped in a world not meant for us. Failure isn’t fun but it develops us overall. Don’t watch the cookie crumble safely from the sidelines. At the end of it all, even if you’re bruise free and sheltered, you just bypassed life to a quiet goodbye. I’m not saying to be reckless but I am saying that this world is a treasure, don’t be afraid to find it, enjoy it and truly see it. Our lives are more than just borrowed minutes, they are memories waiting to be made and an impression waiting to be left. Our lives are our message, make it one worth remembering.


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