Take a moment today to reflect on what was and what is. Life is the thing that happens when we’re too focused on the flaws of our realities to notice. So much happens from day to day, changing our worlds completely. Yet it’s hard to notice when we’re caught up in the small details. Take a step back and notice the big picture. Yes, it’s not perfect and yes, there are some things we wish we could change but those experiences although sometimes bitter are the way we learn and improve for later. It’s been said a countless variation of ways but life is all about perception. The way we choose to look back at our past and take on our now and future. It’s hard to always maintain a positive outlook and there days when everything seems to be going wrong but those are all the more reason to say thank you. They remind us that we have so much more to learn, more to grow and more places to go. Believe that this world is beautiful and it will be. That doesn’t mean terrible things won’t happen but it allows us to develop from them as oppose to letting them break us completely. Everyday we are given a chance to make the world a bit better, use it.


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