Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

It’s impossible to be happy every single second of every single day but when we start looking at happiness as a process instead of as a state of being it becomes a lot easier to both understand and attain.The good life is a direction not a destination. Yet, we tend to look at it as a mystical land that will solve all our problems once we arrive. That’s not true. Our lives will always be full of obstacles we must overcome, of issues we don’t feel fully equipped to handle but that’s the beauty of it. We don’t remember the happy times because we’re too busy over think the bad moments that occurred. We forget the thrill of success because we remember the despair intertwined into failure. That is no way to live. To be terrified to try out the possibilities because we don’t know if we’ll make the cut. Take a moment to realize how much you’ve achieved. Celebrate the success found in every day be it something as simple as surviving a double shift at work or eating a healthy lunch. Time is spent, enjoy the way you spend yours. Greatness isn’t always found in the grand. Sometimes it’s hidden in the unexpected just waiting to be noticed. Notice it.


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