Unless You’re Lost

Unless You're Lost

Our paths are all different. At points they might intertwine or criss cross with one another but for the most part we build our own, striving to find our place in this world. It’s been said a countless variation of ways that to be happy we must do what we love but that becomes a lot harder to follow when we can’t figure out what exactly that is. Many people I’ve come across seem to have written off this piece of advice and instead are trying to land a job that will provide them with the most money, the most benefits, or something along those lines. Although, those things are important they aren’t everything. Money is fickle, it appears one moment and is gone the next. When you do something that you love, the money will come. Find your passion and follow it. Make a career out of it and truly enjoy it. And if you’re lost and unsure of where to go, start exploring different worlds and options and find the one that clicks.


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