Where You Water It

Where you water it

We tend to think that if our lives were different they would somehow be better. That if we had grown up in another neighborhood, gone to another school, or knew some other person we’d be where we wanted to be in life. Yet, our lives will never change if all we do is wish for another story. We look at the lives of the people around us and wonder why we can’t be that happy, successful, or talented but the truth is we are, we’re just looking in the wrong direction. When we focus on everyone else’s story instead of our own, we lose control of our own happiness. Happiness doesn’t come from outdoing someone else or making someone else feel smaller than they are. No, true joy is found in having the ability to be happy for someone else despite your own personal level of success. Everyone lives life running on different tracks. Stop trying to win the race and focus on doing the best you can possibly do. When you focus on yourself, you can find the good hidden in the shadows and the success hidden in the failure. Breathe and let go of the world around you. Everything happens for a reason and if you aren’t where you want to be in life than work to make your life better but for yourself not anyone else.


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