You Get Back

You Get Back

When I was little, my mother told me a story about two dogs. One dog walked into a room slightly wagging his tail and walked out happily barking, tongue wagging and tail strumming back and forth. Another dog walked into the room slightly growling with his teeth bared. He walked out angrier than before growling at anything and anyone near him. Curious as to how the same room could provoke such different reactions, a young man walked in to find a room full of mirrors. When the first dog walked in, he encountered a thousand happy dogs looking back at him. When the second dog walked in, he encountered a thousand angry dogs staring back. Life is like that room, a world full of mirrors. When we face it with a smile and good energy, we get that back. Yet, when we face the world with a hard edge, it becomes a lot harder to find the hidden wonders sprinkled throughout life. Smile at life, it’s a beautiful gift denied to many. No matter how bad a situation might be, laughter is healing and a smile is powerful. Let it empower you.


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