What You Don’t Become

What You Don't Become

Years ago, someone told me that if I didn’t build my own dreams, I would be hired to help build someone else’s. Those words have resonated with me for there is an honest truth within them that is often overlooked. In life, so many people decide to settle. To conform themselves with what they have and they stop aspiring for more for they don’t believe they’ll ever attain it. While material items might not be everything and while our now is important, we shouldn’t give up our hope for better in the future. That doesn’t mean more money, more time, or more things. It means living the life you always dreamed of and not settling until you’ve attained it. Dreams can be terrifying and seem impossible but at one point planes were too. Just like cars, buildings, and bridges were unthinkable. We live in a world full of many wonders and it’s easy to forget that they were all created by someone just like us. In the end, it’s not what we did that will mark us but rather all things we wanted to do but didn’t. What ifs are paralyzing. Choose to be instead.


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