Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Fear is paralyzing. It grabs hold and makes the world seem terrifying and out of control. Our courage is tested and in those moments, the direction we push for decides our place in this world. Don’t settle for contentment, don’t play it safe because what you want seems unattainable. Look at the world around you. Everything was made and designed by someone like you. We get so worried about failing that instead we decide to succeed in not trying and settle for the molds made around us. Take a chance and change the world. You’re individual spark is original and when you leave it unknown you cheat yourself and the world of your wonder. Allow yourself to sparkle, it might feel strange and a tad bit out of your comfort zone but you’ll shine and be fine.


2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. I agree, we shouldn’t be too afraid of failure, because we have to failure a number of times to have the greatest successes! Such a lovely blog you’ve got here, I’m loving the positivity boost I’m getting from it!

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