Get Lost

Get Lost

Things happen. Some that we don’t want and others that we will always cherish. It’s this mixture that keeps life going, this balance that teaches us appreciation and the beauty of living. Yet, no matter how bad or good one moment might be, we shouldn’t freeze our lives and live within it. Time doesn’t stop for us. It keeps ticking and slowly spinning away, leaving us to decide what we do with it. We have so much to give to this world, wonders we haven’t yet fully discovered and when we stop and refuse to move forward, we lose a bit of that spark. Our lives are the messages we leave behind. Nothing last forever but a good story can transcend centuries. So remember the story is yours, full of as many cross outs and rewrites as you want. It is ever-expanding and growing, let it. When we stop midway, it’s our lives that end not time. So live, breathe and keep on writing. You’ll figure it all out, just keep going.


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