Out of Intent

Out of Intent

We tend to live either in the past or the future and rarely do we realize we are missing the present. We run around thinking about the bad morning we’ve had or the presentation we have later on, that we don’t realize we’re missing something until we’re sitting back, reflecting on it. It’s a habit we all tend to develop and get caught up in. We run on this routine that puts more importance on what has happened and what will happen as oppose to what is happening. Break the habit. Live in the now. It’s a simple statement that many believe they do but really don’t. So lets try it. Let’s live in what’s happening. Leave the split coffee and rough morning in the morning and focus on the wonderful lunch you’re having or presentation you’re doing well. Stress tends to control us because we allow it to. Take a moment to breathe, step back, and focus on what you’re doing. It will turn that bad morning into a great day.


2 thoughts on “Out of Intent

    • Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it and I completely agree. We become creatures of habit and let life pass us by, too caught up in what has happened to even notice. Hopefully, we can break the mold and become more aware of everything happening as it’s happening=)

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