100 Reasons to Smile

ImageI’m an overachiever. The kind of person that can’t simply say no and will pile my plate so high, some wonder if it will tumble. I run around with one eye on the clock and the other on the task, trying to squeeze an hour out of five minutes in order to keep my world spinning on the schedule I color coded and designed. Yet, I’ve realized that as I run from one place to another, focused on getting this or that accomplished I lost sight of life in general.  Part of me reasons it’s the New Yorker inside me that pushes to always be on the move, to be busy and productive as oppose to bored, wasting away minutes that will soon become memories and be left forgotten in a corner of my mind.

Yet, as I run from one end of the city to another, I forget to appreciate the little wonders that make this world incredible. I forget to appreciate the beauty hidden around me and instead am too focused on when the next train will appear and if I’ll make it in time for this or that event. It seems as if I’m getting so caught up with life that I am forgetting to live and enjoy these scattered minutes that shape my memories.

Recently, I’ve been told about the 100 happy days challenge and after looking into it, I can’t wait to begin. Happiness is subjective but personally, I believe it’s an attitude. I believe that if you choose to make every day the best day of your life, it will be. That doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps along the road but it does me that it’ll make those bumps a bit more manageable.Image

So what is the 100 happy days challenge?

It’s exactly what it sounds like, a challenge to see if people can go through 100 days being happy. It’s not a competition or contest but rather an effort to make the world a bit happier by challenging people to appreciate the big and small things that make them happy daily. 71% of people who tried to complete this challenge gave up stating that they didn’t have enough time for it. I refuse to live a life where I don’t have time to be happy. So here we go. Starting today, my 100 happy days begin and I’ll be documenting my entire journey on Instagram using the #100happydays and #hopelesslyoptimistic. Come along for the adventure!

If you’re interested in participating register here.


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