“If not now, when?”


Its been said many times before, in a countless variation of ways. That our time here with one another is precious, numbered and crushed and created by what we choose to do with it. Yet, as we stumble through reality, trying to make sense of the world and find our own purpose we forget it’s okay to not know everything. We get stuck in these ruts, frozen in moments of indecision, unsure of what direction to move toward, push for and we wonder if we will ever discover what we’re here to be. We get comfortable with the people and things around us and we start to settle. We begin to lose focus of what it was we wanted in the first place and start to accommodate ourselves to the life that’s made around us. We let people, events, and circumstances that are meant to help shape us, define us instead and we forget who we are, individually, as people.

We’re human. It’s normal to not have all the answers, to get overwhelmed and need a moment to breathe, yet we can’t allow ourselves to shuffle from one thing to another and not continue to grow as we go. See the thing is although it’s terrifying to explore the unknown, the day we let that fear hold us back we lose control of the life we own. The world hides behind a flick of our fingertips and when we decide to never wave our hands, we lose that spark that keeps life interesting. We all fall into ruts that keep the lens through which we look at the world cracked, but that isn’t the problem. The issue is when we hold ourselves back from growing, from expanding and exploring the unknown and escaping that stage of stagnation.

Life is the thing that happens when we’re too focused on the flaws of our realities to notice. Its been said, scribbled, and saved a million different ways but the truth of it is that time is our keeper, a concept we have created to mark our success and our failure. So live it, embrace it and fully realize it. Don’t let it just slip through your fingertips. Don’t allow it to define who you are and instead shape it into the impact you will one day leave behind.


3 thoughts on ““If not now, when?”

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