February 14th


Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that you either love or hate and for most it depends on if they’re currently in a relationship. Yet, what most people tend to forget is that it’s suppose to be a day to celebrate love. The feelings you share for someone, be it platonic or of the romantic kind, it’s a day to share your appreciation for having them in your life.

Behind the giant teddy bear and the beautiful roses, there has to be sincerity because although it’s nice to be showered in gifts, they ultimately mean nothing if there isn’t any thought put into the action. See the beauty about love is that although people can clearly see the way it makes you glow only you can feel its warmth.

Smile, celebrate, laugh and enjoy because even if you don’t have a special someone to call your own, today is all about love and loving yourself as much as you love everyone else.

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